E-cigarette or electronic cigarette is gaining popularity and millions all around the globe are switching to this alternative smoking option. Just like all other products, there are myths, doubts, questions and curiosity among people who want to try this new eco-friendly product people.

The most commonly electronic cigarette FAQs are:

Q1. What is e-cigarette?

A1. E-cigarette is a battery-operated smoking device that mimics the act of tobacco smoking and is nicotine free. It provides the same physical sensation and satisfaction similar to that of traditional cigarette.

Q2. Do e-cigarettes taste the same as traditional cigarettes?

A2 E-cigarettes cartridges come in wide variety of flavors like tobacco, menthol, etc and you can get the same flavor, taste and satisfaction. On the contrary they are less harmful so less harsh to your health.

Q3. Does smoking e-cigarettes cost less than regular cigarettes?

A3. Frankly speaking the answer is yes, but lot depends on your smoking habits and the type of e-cigarette you opt for. There are different type of e-cigarettes available like pen-style, mini, cigar-style etc and the cost depends on what you choose. Even the cost of the starter kits also varies with every brand and style. But generally reviews and testimonials of e-cigarette smokers show that they save a handsome amount by switching to e-cigarette.

Q4. What are the benefits of e-cigarettes?

A4. The benefits of e-cigarettes are numerous like:

  • It is not harmful to health and thus save you from cardiovascular diseases and other diseases like cancer.
  • It is safe for the environment as it does not create smoke and simultaneously gives the same satisfaction as traditional cigarette.
  • It is convenient, portable, and more practical.
  • It does not pose any health risk to other non-smokers.

Q5. What points should one keep in mind or consider when intending to buy e-cigarette?

A5. Keep the following points in mind when you are a fresher and buying e-cigarette for the first time. You must not compromise on the overall quality of electronic cigarette. You must check the nicotine strength of the product and for optimum benefits; choose a brand which offers zero-nicotine level. But this may vary as per your taste and liking. You must select a brand which offers long lasting battery, atomizer, cartridges, USB charger, user manual, and also carries a money back guarantee scheme. Do not opt for cheap brands. But do a bit of research and find out the best brand by searching on the web, or ask your colleagues or friends, read testimonials and reviews and then purchase your e-cigarette. If you have any doubts, just join the e-cigarette forum and post your questions, doubts, qualms and get the best smoking solution.

Q6. What are the ingredients used in e-cigarettes and are they safe?

A6. The ingredients found in e-cigarettes are water, propylene glycol, nicotine, a scent that imitates tobacco flavor, other flavorings, and a membrane that suspends the ingredients. The FDA has approved propylene glycol and is considered safe for use.

Q7. What are the safety concerns with regards to e-cigarettes?

A7. E-cigarettes must not be used by nonsmokers, smokers under 21-years of age, children, pregnant women, breast-feeding women, and persons who have cardiac, diabetes, depression, or asthma history. Keep this cigarette out of reach of children as ingestion of ingredients can be poisonous.

E-cigarette is by no means a smoking cessation device nor is it approved by doctors as a nicotine replacement therapy.

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