If you are planning to buy a specific e-cigarette brand and model then you would want to get as many information about it as you can before actually making the purchase. Also, it would be ideal to if you can see the actual unit itself since it can more or less give you an idea on how it can deliver the performance that it claims to deliver. However, you may not be able to do this when purchasing vapes or electronic cigarettes online. This is where e cigarette reviews come in. These reviews are detailed presentation on how a specific brand works. They are either presented in written form, podcasts or videos and are mostly made by actual users of a specific electronic cigarette unit.

Fake Reviews Online

Almost anyone can publish online reviews. Because of this shady marketers take advantage of this by posting fake reviews. If you are not vigilant about distinguishing a fake review from a real one then you will be simply throwing away your money on an either substandard or a non-existing product being sold online. Now, there is nothing to worry about. If you know the things you need to watch out for in a product review then you can easily spot fake e-cigarette reviews.

Length and Details

A reliable product review will usually be more than 400 words with lots of technical details as well as user analysis. If you are reading a review that’s unusually short and too ambiguous then you may have stumbled upon a fake review. These reviews are usually made to make a product rank higher on listings and do not offer any informational value to potential buyers.

Too Positive

A perfect electronic cigarette doesn’t exist. Sure, a specific model may have a lot of great features but it won’t be without any flaws. Finding the right e-cig model is all about getting the right features that come with flaws you can tolerate. With this in mind, if you ever chance upon that has no other things to say but good things about the product then it is most likely fake. Reviews that are too positive in tone are created to simply lure users into buying a product without helping potential customers decide whether it is the right one for them or not.

Credible Reviewer

In most cases, a great review will be written by a credible reviewer. A credible reviewer is someone who offers unbiased information and has a high reader rating in discussion websites. While reviews written by less known reviewers can be legit, trusting your decisions on them can be risky for you as a customer. It would be best to stick to reviews written by well-known and credible reviewers.

Website Ranks

Fake e cigarette reviews are usually posted on fly-by-night websites and blogs. These websites usually rank low in search engines and page ranks. You might want to look for reviews in high ranked websites and social media pages.

Discussed above are the things you need to look for when reading e-cigarette reviews online so you will able to tell whether you are reading a fake one or not. Always remember to stay vigilant when reading any type of information published online. You don’t want to spend your money on a substandard e-cigarette just because a fake review told you to do so.

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