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Helping you make the best decision you can make when it comes to the ecig brand that works best for you, here are the top 3 names in electronic cigarettes today:

The TOP 3 E Cig Brands of 2017

#1) V2 Cigs – Starter Kits from $59.95 (TOP RATED E Cig)


Without doubt, the most favored and top rated ecig brand in the market, V2 Cigs has become synonymous with top quality. America’s #1 choice of vapor, they set the bar for quality in the industry, with their main philosophy of consistency and product performance.

One of the very few brands to offer complete transparency, users get 100% peace of mind and assurance through their official batch reports. Users can ask for copies of these reports, certifying nicotine content and the absence of known contaminants in all e-liquids. This transparency sets the standard in the industry, pioneering a feature that ensures utmost safety in their products.

Offering FREE domestic shipping for orders over $50, a 30-day money back guarantee, a lifetime warranty, and top notch customer service, V2 Cigs always makes sure that each and every transaction is smooth and prompt. On top of these benefits, V2 Cigs also provides the most intuitive online retail hub in the industry – with easy navigation and user-friendly interface that makes shopping at V2 Cigs easy and fast.

Get the perfect introduction to the e-liquid experience with V2 Cigs’ Standard E-Liquid Kit. For only $79.95, get the following: 2 batteries, 2 Platinum 25mL e-liquid bottles, 1 EX Blanks pack, 1 smart charger, 1 wall adapter, and 1 user manual.

For the full V2 Cigs satisfaction, get the Ultimate Kit at its reduced price of $149.95. It contains: 3 V2 batteries, 25 V2 Flavors, 1 wall charger, 1 smart charger, 1 2amp car adapter, 1 portable charging case, 1 power cig, 1 metal carrying case, and 1 lanyard.



#2) VaporFi – Starter Kits from $29.99 (The Most Advanced Vapor Cig)

vaporfiThe new kid on the block – VaporFi was launched in 2013 to fill a gap in the industry for a fresh and innovative take on electronic cigarettes. From the minds of the very same people behind South Beach Smoke, VaporFi was originally launched as Vapor Zone and recently changed to VaporFi to convey its unique stamp in the industry.

The brand that places great importance on innovation and quality, they offer some of the most powerful and longest lasting batteries in the market. Expect to find their weakest battery at 300mAh, while their strongest ones have a maximum of 2200mAh. Innovative technologies used include the puff counter with digital OLED screen, eliminating the guesswork for many vapers. With VaporFi, you’ll never have an ecig die out on you – as power can easily be viewed on the screen, so you know if you’re about to run out.

But technology aside, VaporFi really stands out in the market for its incredible custom blends. Have the capacity to create your very own flavors by mixing their available flavors to create your very own.

Offering one of the most affordable kits in the market, VaporFi’s Air Kit at $39.99 already includes: 1 350mAh battery, 1 replaceable air cartomizer, 1 mouthpiece, 1 USB charging cable, and 1 wall adapter.

For the avid vaping aficionado, VaporFi offers the ultimate experience with their VOX Starter Kit at $249.99. It has: 1 VOX 50 MOD, 1 30A 2100mAh battery, 1 Bolt RDA, 4 o-rings, 1 10′ 30g Kanthal wire, 1 screw driver, 3 screws, and 1 drip tip.



How e cigarette reviews help consumer find the best possible brand? Well, lets first take a look at the e cigarette itself. E cigarette, otherwise known as electronic or vapor cigarette, is a device that resembles cigarettes, but creates water vapor as opposed to smoke. It is an electronic nicotine delivery system that is battery powered to simulate tobacco smoking by producing an aerosol instead of smoke. The device entails an atomizer, a heating element, to vaporize an e-liquid. The liquid is usually a mixture of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, nicotine and flavorings. However, some release flavored vapor without nicotine.

The system works by screwing the cartridge into the battery while inhaling on the end as it is done with a real cigarette. However, the only disparity is the absence of smoke. With e cigarettes, the lack of smoke implies that there is no smell, no burning and no ash in turn. The only thing that is inhaled is the nicotine you want, and perhaps, some flavorings to spice and make it taste nice. This consumption of nicotine does away with the shortcomings associated with the conventional smoking, including carcinogen, tar, infirmity and diseases. In fact, the system was designed to deplete the harm resulting from cigarettes. Before buying the device, be sure to check out the following considerations, electronic cigarette reviews are great way to go when you considering purchasing anything.

Customization as a feature
ecigarettesWhen making the purchase decision, be sure to analyze different brands for the ability to interchange parts and tailor the e-cigarette to your distinct needs. It is important to opt for a brand that permits you to essentially make your own e-cig. In fact, flexibility and convenience are key factors when it comes to electronic cigarettes. The best deal should offer you good starter kits that are adaptable and easily upgraded with the changes in e-cigarette tastes. Most e cigarette reviews do include that in their reviews so be sure to check that out.

The vapor flavor
As mentioned earlier, convenience is an essential aspect of e-cigarettes. The flavor should offer you nothing less than convenience and satisfaction. When buying the device, opt for an e-cigarette that tastes good and offers you enjoyable nicotine hit specifically at the back of your throat. For instance, some brands releases comparatively thick vapor that enhances and improves the pleasure of smoking. There are various levels of nicotine and different flavors for your preference. Be sure to settle at your most preferred package.

Simplicity and usability of the cigarette
In addition, consider the ease of using the preferred cigarette. When evaluating on the complexity of the system, analyze e-cigarette reviews from customers with first-hand information. Refer to what others say about the draw and the ease of connecting the atomizer, battery or cartridge when going through the e cig reviews. As such, shy away from brands having negative comments and complaints. The cigarette should not be difficult to use.

The strength of the cartridge
When procuring the electric cigarette, a good choice should be made concerning the strength of the cartridge. This decision is particularly a daunting task for most new e-cig users. The tobacco cigarette entails a few choices; light, regular or ultra-light. However, electronic cigarettes provide cartridges in many varied nicotine strengths. This enhances gradual lowering of the amount of nicotine you use in order to break the addiction. For heavy smokers, begin with the highest degree of nicotine as you work your way down. The lowest nicotine level is better for a social smoker. In order to enjoy the full satisfaction and enjoyment, be sure to carefully select your suitable cartridge strength.

Battery life and charging options
ecigbatteryIt is also worth considering the durability and options available for charging the batteries when evaluating vapor cigarettes. The battery should be able to last just enough. Ensure to opt for a system that will last longer and provide you with an optimal number of puffs between charges. This is especially the case when you are an on-the-go user. Consider the source of power that lasts long and suits your lifestyle. The charging option should also be convenient, e cigarette reviews do list and review the charging options and their life.

Availability of parts and ease of maintenance
Evaluate the different brands at your disposal for ease of cleaning and general maintenance. Compare between changing and refilling the cartridges and opt for the most suitable. Also, be sure to analyze the availability of component parts within your disposal and the extent of affordability.

Price, warranty and customer service
Just like in any other purchase decision, the price comes into play. All other factors considered and done, the price comes into the picture. However, be careful not to compromise on quality and performance when considering price. The two factors must be at par with the cost. The lowest price may only be the best option when the package it provides meets the requisite aforementioned fundamental factor. In addition, ensure to check the warranty and customer service offered. Whether the warranty will be honored and the responses to complaints are all important considerations. Make sure to get the reviews of the particula brand before you buy it, don’t just rely on one of the e cigarette review websites, check atleast couple of them to be sure that what they say is really true.